add channel pear to roku

How to Add Channel Pear to Roku

Roku is a popular streaming device that allows you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and live TV channels. While Roku does offer a wide range of channels, some users might want additional customization options. That’s where Channel Pear comes in. Channel Pear is a free online streaming service that lets you personalize your Roku experience by adding your favorite channels. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to add Channel Pear to Roku and enhance your streaming capabilities.

1. Create a Channel Pear Account
First, you need to create a Channel Pear account. Visit the Channel Pear website ( and click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill in the required information, including your email address and password, and click “Sign Up” to create your account.

2. Install the Channel Pear App on Roku
To add Channel Pear to Roku, you will need to install the Channel Pear app on your Roku device. Follow these steps to do so:

– Turn on your Roku device and navigate to the Home screen using your Roku remote.
– Go to the Roku Channel Store by scrolling down and selecting “Streaming Channels.”
– In the Channel Store, search for “Channel Pear” using the search bar or browse through the different channel categories.
– Once you find the Channel Pear app, select it and click on the “Add Channel” button to begin the installation process.
– Wait for the app to finish installing, and it will then appear on your Roku’s home screen.

3. Pair your Channel Pear Account with Roku
After installing the Channel Pear app on your Roku, you need to pair your Channel Pear account to access your personalized channels. Here’s how to do it:

– Launch the Channel Pear app on your Roku device from the home screen.
– You will see a “Pair Device” instruction on your TV screen, along with a unique device code.
– On your computer or mobile device, visit the Channel Pear website ( and log in to your account.
– On the Channel Pear website, click on the “Devices” tab in the top menu.
– Enter the unique device code shown on your TV screen into the provided field and click “Pair Device.”

4. Add Channels to Channel Pear
Now that you have paired your Roku with your Channel Pear account, it’s time to add your favorite channels. Here’s what you need to do:

– On your computer or mobile device, visit the Channel Pear website ( and log in to your account.
– On the Channel Pear website, click on the “Library” tab in the top menu.
– Here, you will find a list of available channels. Browse through the categories or use the search bar to find the channels you want.
– Once you find a channel you want to add, click on the “+” icon next to it to add it to your library.
– After adding the channels to your library, go back to your Roku device and launch the Channel Pear app.
– You will now see the channels you added in your Channel Pear library. Simply select a channel to start streaming!

5. Manage your Channel Pear Library
If you ever want to add or remove channels from your Channel Pear library, you can easily manage it from your account. Simply log in to the Channel Pear website, go to the “Library” tab, and make the desired changes.

Adding Channel Pear to your Roku device enriches your streaming experience by empowering you to personalize your channel lineup. With just a few simple steps, you can access a vast array of channels tailored to your preferences. So, follow this guide and start enjoying the extensive range of content that Channel Pear has to offer on your Roku device today!